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Oriental Massage

Oriental Massage Practices: How They Differ From The Traditional Massages

Like every other massage technique out there the oriental massage is meant to relieve stress and muscle tension through strategically pressuring specific spots. But it is a whole different massage technique altogether that is usually more sought after than the classic massage due to its relaxing effect. If you love oriental oils and lounge music we welcome you to our massage center.

How Does It Differ?

  1. It is always based on an Eastern philosophy and ayurveda meaning that it is relaxing, intimate and thoughtful.
  2. Specific oils, scents, plants and accessories can be used for healing.
  3. There is no universal set of rules among the many different Eastern massage practices.
  4. Various oriental massage practices are used in clinics and rehabs for relaxation however the therapeutic affect is dubious and depends on the client’s feelings and beliefs.

Will You Like It?

You should definitely give the oriental massage a go . Try the Shiatsu, Gua Sha, Thai or Indonesian massage to see which one works best for you. But do not be scared the strokes and techniques are somewhat similar to the classic massage, it is the philosophy and the ritual that make it feel different.