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Exotic massage

What Is An Exotic Massage: 3 Rituals You Need To Try Right Now

Tired of the traditional massage? Looking for something new? We have some exotic massageprocedures you’re bound to love.

Lomi Lomi

The session begins with a prayer that you read together with a masseur. Then the therapist shows you various breathing patterns that you have to repeat. During the session the therapist will do different clapping movements on your back. He is also supposed to wear the traditional Hawaiian green skirt made of the leaves and perform a ritualistic dance. The therapist might also use warm stones and perform a different technique on your arms and legs.


A Japanese form of the non-invasive gentle massage that results in a more relaxed body, stress and pain relief. A therapist turns on the relaxing music, the client is fully dressed, the therapist puts his hand on the clients head and performs different moves. Later the masseur moves to a different spot on the body.
During this exotic massage session good energy is believed to be channeled into your body. But you will never know until you try it.

Tui Na

This Chinese practice involves acupuncture, grasping, kneeling, pushing and rolling. This touch therapy is meant to completely relax the body.