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Balinese massage

What Is Balinese Massage And Why It Is In Huge Demand

First it evolved as the Bali tourists were asking for more relaxation and healing asking the therapists to evolve the traditional Balinese treatments.

How Does It Feel

The classical massage that is a predecessor to the Balinese massage differs in execution and the ritual itself. Bali has absorbed a lot of Western culture in the last century and even though classical massage is still considered to be the most therapeutic. However the Bali version has way more different techniques and strokes for the deeper relaxation and tension relief. So basically the client achieves a very deep relaxation and health benefits from the session that usually lasts about 60 minutes.

Should You Try It?

During the Balinese massage you will receive a full body holistic procedure involving aromatherapy, reflexology, stretches and acupressure. A masseur can also apply pressure to work on the deep muscle knots and stiff limbs. Aromatherapy helps for the deeper relaxation and stress relief. You will have an amazing scent and moisturized glowing complexion.
Since this type of massage is sought after for the deep relaxation it is very popular among athletes or people that just need to relax.