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Asian (Eastern massage)

Asian massage is quite nonobjective concept. It has no straight definition and may content moves and techniques from traditional Thai massage and ancient Chinese doctrines. Yet great finale is necessary condition almost in any case.

Variety of techniques always includes different moves: stroking, rubbing and pressing. Those moves are only base of session. Speaking about erotic massage it is always kind of show which may acquire grand scale. Main massage programme may be preceded by joint shower or seductive dances.

asian massage

The main point of this type of massage is settling energetic lines of body. Masseur in our asian massage parlour uses great variety of means to reach the needed order and of course bright culmination (it can be even multiply). In fact wriggling beauty has great influence on deeper muscles. Therapeutic effect of movements is doubled by psychological relief. So our guest strengthens both overall physical health and emotional state.

Several reasons to choose Asian massage:

  • worthy relaxation is critical for literally everyone;
  • almost all muscles are relaxing during session;
  • erotic Thai is a spectacular way to get rid of stresses;
  • session of eastern massage improves circulation of blood and lymph;
  • this is the best prophylaxis for mental and emotional health.